Aluminum Awnings

All aluminum awnings from Shading Solutions Group make a beautiful addition to your home, improving both its appearance and its value! You make one investment in permanent, maintenance-free beauty and protection.

Aluminum awnings rate high as shading devices since they block direct sunlight before it enters the windows. A properly installed awning can reduce heat gain up to 65% on southern windows and as much as 77% on eastern and western windows. An investment in aluminum awnings will save you on your air conditioning expense. Not only for shading, aluminum awnings will make a great addition to any doorway in providing protection from rain and snow. Stay dry while unlocking your door.

Our awnings will never rust or decay; they are made entirely of aluminum. And you will never have to worry about the paint - it's baked on enamel and available in a wide selection of colors.
If you have old, worn-looking awnings that make your home look drab and dreary, call us today for a home beauty makeover. Let Shading Solutions Group, the Chicagoland awning expert for over 65 years, restore your home's original beauty. We can help you in replacing those old metal awnings. We provide installation on all of our custom designed aluminum awnings and all of our awnings carry a ten year warranty.

Black AwningBeautiful, overhead aluminum canopy, in a stylish black finish, provides a classic finish to a gorgeous front door entryway. Homeowners and guests are now protected from the elements.