Residential Security Screens

Security doesn’t have to be ugly anymore! No more ugly burglar bars. No more ugly rolldown shutters that block your view to the outside. Our security screens provide protection you can see through. Window and door protective security screens provide a security barrier and help prevent unlawful entry to your home. The security screens can be fixed or operable – can open from the inside for easy egress. Security screens, from Shading Solutions Group, enhance and modernize the architectural appeal of your home. There is no compromise with aesthetics as with conventional bar and shutter systems.

Protection You Can See Through

Security Screens are available for all styles of windows and doors. We provide installation on all screens within 90 miles of Chicago, IL.

  •  Constructed of super strong, virtually transparent perforated steel or stainless steel wire mesh, our security screens are designed to protect against glass
    breakage, vandalism, and burglaries that pose a substantial risk to people and possessions.
  •  The security screens seem to visually disappear to a building occupant and present a clear, unobstructed and comfortable view of the outside world.
    No ugly burglar bars, heavy gates or solid roll-down security products that block your view.
  •  Security screens are an aesthetically pleasing option for any structure, new or old. Heat gain can be reduced by as much as 50%.

Crime has no re-wind button – Protect your family and your home with Residential Security Screens. Call us today for a free consultation.


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